Sunday, January 31, 2010

Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show

Since I don't have Reyna right now, I decided to go San Francisco today and attend the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show at the Cow Palace. It was a great show, and there were so many Labradors!! I have been around "guide dog" labs for so long, that seeing these labs at the show made me realize how different our labs look from other labs. First off, these labs were stocky and square. They all were some much wider than the guide dogs, and they all looked over weight! The other big difference was their coat. Guide dog labs have a much smoother coat. The labs at the show had coats more like a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Seeing these labs made me realize how much our guide dog labs have a look of their own. It must be that fabulous breeding program at GDB!

A yellow and a black lab at the dog show
A large yellow lab in a crate looking at the camera smilingThree yellow labs at the dog show.  Two are in laying down in crates and one is standing outside of the crate. These are some BIG labs!
There were many other breeds at the show, and here are some pictures of a few of my favorites.

A large male golden retriever in his crate

Bassett Hounds
Two bassett hounds sleeping after a long day at the showA bassett getting some affection and loving it The bassett who win first place in it's class And my absolute favorite.....Dalmations!

A black spotted dalamtion standing and posing for the photoA dalamtion in a crate snuggled up on a red bed Dogs Rule!

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