Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Passed with flying colors!

(Pictured is a close up of Reyna's face and she is looking up at the camera)

Reyna had her one on one evaluation tonight. Tami, our CFR, was impressed with her. She was most impressed with Reyna's leash responsiveness and how nicely she walked on a loose leash. Tami said Reyna was like butter on a leash and she also said Reyna was like a Porsche (vs. a truck). Tami was also very impressed with Reyna's low distraction level. When we arrived, Tami was working with one of the pups on dog distraction. They were using Reyna as the distraction. Reyna stayed in a down as the other pup lunged at her and tried to engage her. She was sooooo good! She didn't move an inch or react. After that we walked around and Tami tried to get a reaction from Reyna by bouncing a ball at her, squeaking toys, putting cheese on the floor, making funny noises and putting a dog food bowl with a really yummy smelling treat at her feet. She wasn't going to be fooled by Tami's distractions.

I asked Tami when she thought Reyna would be recalled back to Guide Dogs, and she said she thought it would be around 15 months. She also thought it would be a good idea of James (one of my co-raisers) started taking Reyna to school with him. That will be a great experience for her. So there was nothing we really needed to work on at this point. Reyna is doing awesome! She made me very proud :-)

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