Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reyna in the Rain !!

(Pictured is Reyna wet in the rain in her puppy coat during our walk)
Despite her name, Reyna does not like the rain. So I have been making a point to take her out on walks when it is raining. Today it was raining, so Reyna and I headed out for a walk. I noticed when we were walking that although Reyna does not like the rain, she is starting to tolerate it well. I even made her walk through some puddles today. That sort of excited her at first, like she wanted to play and splash in the puddles. But after I gave her a correction, she settled right down and started walking through the puddles.
We were both completely soaked by the time we came back from our walk. But it is really important that the guide dog pups learn to work in the rain. Glenda and Wendy are out everyday, rain or shine. I went walking with them the other day and we got caught in a huge down pour. It was really bad, but Wendy was required to keep working regardless of all of the wind and rain. It was at this moment I realized how important it is to socialize and work the pups in the rain.
(Pictured is Wendy with her rain coat and boots on before our walk in the rain)

(Pictured is Reyna standing in the leaves in the rain)

Reyna was the type of dog who despised even getting her feet wet, but she has come a long way! I hope this inspires you to get out there in the rain and walk those pups :-)

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