Monday, January 18, 2010

One On Ones

This Wednesday is Reyna's one on one evaluation with Tami, our CFR (community field Rep) from Guide Dogs. It is a way for Tami to see Reyna's progress and identify any issues she may be having. These evals are always sort of nerve racking for puppy raisers, because we want our pup to do really well. I think Reyna will do fine, but you never really know until it is over. Reyna has had some issues with silver reflective type surfaces and I wanted to talk to Tami about this.

But tonight I took her out and she walked right over a silver surface without any problem! Good girl, Reyna. That surface used to really freak her out, but all of a sudden she is fine with it. So I'll keep my eye on this, but I don't think it will require any special protocols at this point. Reyna is with Judi and James right now, so it is pretty quiet in my household. Wish us luck at our one on one!!

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