Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who says Guide Dogs can't learn to drive?

(Pictured is Reyna in the car looking out of the window as if she is driving)

Today we went to the Guide Dog graduation on the San Rafael campus. Reyna was riding in the back seat on the floor, until about half way over there. She then decided she wanted a driving lesson. She put her front two feet up on the space between the driver and the passenger seat, and stood there as if she was getting a driving lesson! She was very observant of the windshield wipers as well as the other cars on the road. Then miss Reyna caught a glimpse of herself in the rear view mirror and she got really happy about that. I realize this was not exactly Guide Dog appropriate, but who could resist when she did this.

(Pictured is Reyna sitting in the back seat of the car with her head resting on my shoulder)

Well, I sure couldn't. At least not for a few minutes. She was so sweet just resting her head on my shoulder like that. What a love! Aside from the driving lesson, Reyna had a day full of great socialization. We went to the graduation, and Reyna had to work a little bit to keep her composure around so many other dogs. Especially the breeder dogs that kept coming up to her. Once she settled down, a working Guide was behind her sniffing her butt the entire time! So it was hard for Reyna to lay still with that going on for over an hour and a half, but she did it! The same working Guide actually tried to hump her a few times! Yikes! After the graduation we socialized for a bit then we went over to BJ's for a late lunch. After that we came home, then we went back out to dinner. She was such a trooper today! Good girl, Reyna!

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  1. Our Malina girl would lay her head on my husband's shoulder too until we told her to get back in her spot. These dogs are simply amazing!