Friday, January 22, 2010

My secret to happiness!

When my son, Tyler, came home from school today he said he was feeling a little down. There was no reason in particular for him feeling this way, he just felt blue. So I gave him a hug and went to heat up some left over Chinese food for lunch. After I was done eating, I looked over and saw this:

(Pictured is Tyler laying on the floor. Reyna and Starling are asleep on top of him, covering him like a blanket.)

Now isn't this the best medicine? A blanket of Labradors. That is my secret! The love that radiates from these pups is the best therapy for anyone feeling a little down. Now matter how blue I feel, puppy love ALWAYS makes me feel better.....every time. These dogs seem to know just when you need a Labrador blanket. The pups sensed that my son was upset and they covered him in puppy love. This is my secret to happiness and I wanted to share it with you! Wrap yourself up with a Labrador blanket next time you need a boost of happiness.

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