Wendy's life as a guide dog - Updated 9/15/10

Amazing Guiding  :)

A photo from Wendy's trainer!

Stephanie, Wendy's trainer at GDB sent me this photo the other day.  They were at Macy's in San Francisco, shopping for purses.  They were also practicing escalators, and you can see that Wendy has her boots on her back feet.  Too cute!

Glenda and Wendy in the news!

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Hiking with Glenda and Wendy

Last week, Glenda, Wendy and I went on a beautiful hike.  It was the first real hike we have all taken together.  The place we went to was so pretty.  The hills were bright green in color and the purple and yellow wild flowers were just starting to bloom.  There is a rushing river that borders the trail for the entire hike.  There are many waterfalls and large pools of water for the people and dogs to swim in.  Wendy has a very brisk pace, so once she took off, there was no stopping her.  She really LOVES hikes.  It is one of her favorite things.  She did a wonderful job guiding Glenda around the uneveness of the trail.  There was also a cliff on on side of the trail, and Wendy was very careful to keep Glenda away from that edge.  We stopped along the way and went down to the water and allowed Wendy to go play in the water.  She enjoyed that because she was really hot and the water was cool.  Glenda and I sat on a log and had a little picnic.  It was pretty much just a perfect day!  Here are some photos from our hike.

On the way home!!