Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Missing Reyna

Reyna is with Judi and James this week. My house is just so quiet without Reyna here. The quiet house makes me really miss her. The break is nice, but Reyna has so much personality that I really feel the void when she is not here. These are the things I miss:
  • Her happily greeting me at the door
  • Her tail that wags like a propeller
  • Her brown eyes looking up at me
  • Her snuggles
  • Her playfulness
  • When she puts her head in my lap over and over again to get my attention
  • Our walks together
  • Playing tug with her
  • Holding her nylabone wishbone while she chews it
  • The way she is like Velcro to me, following me everywhere
  • The way she stops when we are walking in house to let me get in front of her
  • Her snoring
  • The sounds of her dreams
  • Her dinner dance

Good thing Judi sends me email updates to let me know how Reyna is doing and what they have been up to. I'll post that here as soon as I get one.

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