Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yay ! A Post From Judi

I would like to add how wonderful Reyna is around babies and little ones. She has been so good and patient with both of our Grandchildren 18 months old. They now practice telling each other to sit, and go to her bed. They point, say her name and tell her to sit. She is a wonderful addition to our household and as a first time raiser, co-raising her was the best decision.
(Reyna laying on the grass with her puppy coat on)
She has been pretty lazy this weekend with the rain but very busy watching Grandchildren run back and forth. She has taught them not to leave food on the floor for her, and to give gentle pats. They lay down next to her and talk to her, and their favorite thing to do is take turns locking themselves in her crate. She finds this very amusing.

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