Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Quacking Penguin?

(Pictured is a stuffed Penguin that was used as a distraction at our club meeting)

Last night we went to our club meeting and the theme was distractions. They brought out all kinds of distractions, such as a cone, a bowl of dog food, a stuffed cat, and a walking Penguin. Reyna ignored all of the distractions, except for the walking Penguin. This Penguin quacked like a duck, and that really caught Reyna's attention. She didn't go after it or anything, she just stared at it very intently until I was able to redirect her attention. I think it was the quacking that really captured her interest, after all, she is a bird dog!

(Pictured is a dog's head on a birds body)
Probably one of the hardest things we do with these dogs is teach them to ignore their natural instincts. They have to learn to focus on their work and ignore their urge to get distracted by the birds and the quacking Penguins!

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