Monday, February 15, 2010

Wonderful Day!

I wanted to post something today about Reyna's week, but I am waiting on some photos from Judi, so maybe that will happen tomorrow. Instead, I will tell you about my day today. During the week when Reyna is at Judi's, I tend to spend time with Wendy and Glenda. Today I went down to Glenda's and I brought Starling (our career changed guide dog). Since Wendy grew up with Starling, we thought it would be fun if they had a play date. We got to Glenda's and Wendy was really excited to see Starling again. Wendy was showing Starling all of her toys, and trying to get Starling to run around the house. Starling is not one to break the rules, so Wendy had a very hard time convincing Starling it was okay to run around in the house. Starling started to run with Wendy, but then she looked up at me and decided against it. Then we left Starling at Glenda's in the crate, and we went out to a very nice lunch. We went to a nice cafe and sat outside because the weather was so beautiful. We both had a fabulous salad. There was not much room for Wendy under the table, so she had to lay next to the table, and it was pretty cramped on the patio but Wendy did great. After lunch, we went back to Glenda's and got Starling and we all went for a walk. On the way to the park, Glenda decided she wanted to teach Wendy a new word "Trash Can". So she used the clicker to have Wendy target the trash cans when she was given the command. First Glenda showed her what the trash can was, and clicked and treated her when she found it. It only took one or two times and Wendy was finding all of the trash cans along the walk way. I would tell Glenda when a trash can was coming up, and then she would tell Wendy "trash can" and Wendy would take Glenda right to it, every time. Here is a picture of Wendy finding the trash can for Glenda.

Wendy finding the garbage can for Glenda and she looks up to Glenda for a food reward.

Wendy has been with Glenda for two months now and she knows the following words: home, mailbox, park, crosswalk, tennis courts, water fountain and now trash can! After that, I did some off leash obedience with Starling while Glenda and Wendy watched. Then we let Starling and Wendy run around and play together. They had a blast! Starling taught Wendy how to play "find it" with the Goughnut stick. Wendy would find the toy and touch it with her nose, and Starling would actually find it, retrieve it and bring it back to me. When we got back to Glenda's I showed Glenda how to use a grooming tool on Wendy and we use some Miracle Groom on her as well. Then both dogs took a long nap and Glenda and I had a chance to visit for awhile. I feel so fortunate that I have developed such a strong friendship with Glenda. It is truly a puppy raisers dream. Wendy and Glenda are the perfect match! Wednesday is Glenda's birthday, and I will be taking her out to lunch with another puppy raiser and one of the board members from Guide Dogs. Today was just a wonderful day!

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