Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Playdate. . .Reyna and Wendy

Wendy in harness and Reyna in her puppy coat sitting happliy on the grass at the park.  They both have smiles on their faces.Reyna and I went down to see Glenda and Wendy today. It was Glenda's birthday. We decided to let Reyna and Wendy have a play date. Today was the first day Wendy and Reyna have really spent any time together. Well those two had a blast together! We went to lunch, then they both played at Glenda's house with all of Wendy's toys. They were great with each other, and both of the dogs had a lot of fun together. It was neat to have the last pup I raised playing with my current pup in training. Both of these dogs have adventurous souls, so they make great play mates. Reyna respected Wendy as the "top dog", and I think Wendy enjoyed that. We walked down to the park and let the dogs play in the tennis courts, then we watched as Wendy practiced finding garbage cans for Glenda. She nailed every one of them. Then Reyna showed off her obedience for Wendy and Glenda. We put both the dogs in a sit, stay and Wendy broke her stay. Glenda repositioned Wendy and put her back in a stay and I was proud that during all of that, Reyna never broke her stay. I worked with Reyna on sit, down, stay, stand and come. I gave her all of the commands with my back to her and she responded to every command! I hope you enjoy the photos I took today.

Wendy smiling in harness at the park.
Reyna at Glenda's house on the floor chewing on a black goughnut stick.
Reyna and Wendy chewing toys together. Reyna and Wendy laying together.  Wendy is chewing on a nylabone and Renya is sniffing Wendy's paw. Reyna is rolling on the ground with the goughnut stick and Wendy is chewing a dinosaur nylabone. Wendy and Reyna playing together.  Wendy has the black Goughnut stick in her mouth and Reyna is panting with her pink tongue hanging out of her mouth. Reyna thinking about stealing the toy Wendy is chewing on.
Glenda playing with Wendy and Reyna. Reyna and Wendy playing together in Glenda's living room.  They both have happy tails! Reyna and Wendy all pooped out.  Both dogs are asleep right next to each other.

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