Friday, February 19, 2010

A post from Judi!

Miss Reyna has had a somewhat busy week, a walk and step up on the school bus with James. I was hoping to ride with him on Friday but found out he had Friday off so we took Reyna down to the local school, James bounced a soccer ball around her down the halls, introduced her to the playground equipment and she did fine.

Friday night we went to visit Elizabeth and Joseph. Reyna helped Joseph with his bath, and sat in his room while he played with his swimming pool full of balls she didn't touch one.

She was very good in Elizabeths room. She didn't try and pick up any of her little pieces of 'stuff" but was very interested in a pen with feathers on it. She tried to jump up on the babysitter who showed up to relieve me, but I think that was excitement around Elizabeth jumping around. Saturday we saw you at graduation and then spent a quiet night at home. Today we went to Angel's Camp to spray the weeds on our lot, I relieved her before we went but she never relieved the whole time we were there. We stopped in the new part of Copperopolis they have a"new" town square, and it was "dog" day they were having a Valentine's Dog day parade. Reyna did very well with dog distractions although one dog lunged at her and the people wouldn't move, I almost tripped over her trying to get her out of the way, but we recovered nicely. Long trip back and she has relieved three times so far now that we are home. Well the "Queen" is waiting for her dinner so I must oblige.

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  1. Where did you get that swimming pool of balls?!? That is awesome!

    Reyna is such a good girl to leave all those tempting toys alone!