Sunday, February 28, 2010

Who let Hoops out?

Close up of Hoops face while he is laying on a dog bed. Last night we puppy sat Hoops! What a fun dog. He was different for us because he is a "big boy", and we always raise "little girls". Hoops is such a big blob of love. He is such a snuggler and he always wants to sit right in your lap. If you are sitting on the ground, all 80 pounds of him will come over and he will sit himself directly in your lap. He is really an awesome dog and he has a lot more energy then he lets on at puppy meetings. His tail never stopped wagging, unless he fell asleep.
Hoops discovers Reyna's toy basket.
The first thing Hoops did was he dove into Reyna's toy basket! He was so excited, he kept pulling out every toy, one by one until he found his favorite toy!
Hoops dives into the toy basket searching for his favorite toy!Hoops find his favorite toy.Hoops found his favorite toy! WOOOO HOOOO :) Actually he had two favorites. This one and the one in the photo below this. He was so proud of the toys he found that he would parade them around the house and show each and every one of us his prize. He played with Reyna's toys pretty much the entire night. If he wasn't doing that, he was either sitting on our laps or laying with Tyler.
close up of Hoops face with his eyes looking up.Close up of Hoops face.Tyler laying on Hoops on the dog bed.
Come back Hoopie......We miss you!


  1. Just curious - is it Hoops or Hoopes?? If it is Hoopes, he is named after my old puppy raising leader. Such a wonderful person! I'd love to raise a puppy named after her!

  2. His name is Hoops, as in basketball hoops :)