Friday, February 26, 2010

Life of a Career Change. . . . (No, not Reyna)

I don't have Reyna this week, so my posts get sort of random when I don't have her. I got some sad news yesterday that one of my best puppy raiser friends received news that her pup, who was in phase ten, was career changed. It was certainly hard news, but then life of a career change dog isn't so bad. Take a look at Starling, my career change. Starling thinks life of a career change is the best!

Starling streched out the full length of the couch, sound asleep with her head on a pillow.


  1. You're right--being a career change dog has definite perks! Will your friends be keeping their career changed pup? I hope they are okay with it. I'm sure it's hard to wrap their minds around it after getting to phase 10.

  2. She has asked that her dog be evaluated for other service programs first. D4D evaluated her yesterday, but I don't know the outcome. If she is not accepted into another service dog program, she will take her back :)