Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reyna is 11 months old!

Reyna laying on her bed pouting with a birthday hat on her head. Today little Reyna is 11 months old. This photo was actually from the other day when it was Starling's birthday. Starling is our career changed guide dog. Starling turned three on February 21st. When it is Starling's birthday, we sing happy birthday to her and then she always gets a frosty paw. In fact, when Starling hears the Happy Birthday song, she runs over to the freezer and waits for her frosty paw. She is a smart dog.
When I look at this photo of Reyna, she looks very unhappy because she could not have a frosty paw. I felt really bad for her, so I put a birthday hat on her and took this picture. Some times being a guide dog in training means you miss out on all of the fun. Egh!
One other interesting piece of trivia about birthdays is that Reyna and Wendy were actually born on the same day, March 26th, just one year apart! Don't worry Reyna, you and Wendy will have another play date on your birtrhday. That is a lot more fun than a frosty paw!
Wendy and Reyna playing together.


  1. Happy 11 months to Reyna! I am curious about Starling at 3 years old. I've always had 3 as a magic number, when labs finally mature and calm down. Is that the case for Starling? Or perhaps she was always a calm puppy??

  2. Starling was always a calm puppy, from birth. She has not changed a bit, so she is probably not a good dog to compare too. She is just one of those dogs who always does right and you barely notice she is there. She would have made an awesome guide if it wasn't for that darn cataract. But we are so happy she whas the one who came back to us. Speaking of that, one of my good friends just got word today that her pup, Divine was dropped from phase 10 for relieving in harness. Phase ten drops have to be the most difficult! I have heard that many times "happy" labs calm down between their 3rd and 4th birthday. Is that what you are hoping for?

  3. Ha ha! I was hoping the calming down would happen before 3-4 years old--but that's okay. It's good exercise for me to try to tire Cabana out.

    That's very sad about Divine--but from my perspective, getting a dog back who got through phase 10 would be pretty great. They'd have the benefit of learning so much from the trainers. Poor Cabana didn't get any professional training, just the paltry stuff I've been able to teach her. ;)

  4. Happy 11 months to Reyna! And 3 years to Starling!

    Mimi, I hate to break it to you, but I know many labs who calm down around the age of 10! Ha! I generally tell people they have a good bit of puppy in the until they are 7, at least!

    But, Cabana has already matured SO SO much! And your "paltry" stuff has been pretty good!

    Phase 10 CCs are killer! I've had 2. You are ready for graduation. You are ready to meet their partner. You are ready to celebrate. Then *bam* you get hit! It's like a 10 ton brick. Career changes earlier are only like a 2 ton brick.