Sunday, February 7, 2010

Outing at Blackhawk Plaza

Photo of members of the Contra Costa County Puppy Raising Club
Yesterday, Reyna went on an club outing with my husband, Tony. The outing started out with all of the raisers switching dogs, then they drove over to Blackhawk Plaza. This gave the pups a chance to ride in a different vehicle. Part of this outing was that you could not work your own dog. This teaches the dog to be responsive to all handlers. Lynn worked with Reyna.

Photo of Lynn and Reyna puppy weave
Lynn and Reyna in the puppy circle Lynn and Reyna practicing the sit command
Reyna and Lynn practicing the stay command
Reyna is about it give Lynn a big kiss.  She just loves Lynn!
As you can tell, Reyna did not mind at all working with Lynn. Reyna loves her! When they arrived at the Plaza, the group walked around the Plaza and they took the dogs into several stores.

Lynn and Reyna walking in the candy store
Lynn and Reyna exiting the candy store Then, they worked the dogs around the ponds, exposing them to ducks and geese.

Working the guide dog puppies around the water and the ducksThey did stair work with the dogs.

A guide dog puppy and handler working up a stair case
Then they worked on dog to dog interactions.

Reyna and Nichelle working on dog to dog interactionThey also worked on down, stay. Reyna did very well throughout the entire outing!

Eight guide dog puppies practicing the down commandReyna practicing the down command This picture of Gayle and Romeo is too cute! I just had to put it on the blog.

Gayle and Romeo..too cute!


  1. There is a lot of dogs!I whish i had more then one dog.

  2. Sara,

    Maybe one day you could raise a guide dog puppy! You would be really good at it :)