Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wine, A Belly Dancer and Three Poodles!

Today Reyna went on a club outing this morning. (I'll post about that next). Then we took her up to Napa to the Vintner's Collective for the release of my families wine. (Richard Perry Wines 2005 Syrah and Cabernet.)
Photo of people drinking wine at the wine release
The tasting room was very crowded with people when we arrived. Loud music was playing, food was being served and of course, wine was being poured. Reyna and I finally made it up stairs where my Mom was pouring wine. Just as we reached the top of the stairs, I see a little white poodle who simply "went off" as it saw Reyna. The little dog was yapping up a storm and poor Reyna was really trying hard to ignore it. But the dog would not stop barking! So I took Reyna clear over to the other side of the room to get some space between Reyna and the poodle. Photo of the crazy poodle
Just when I thought things had settled down, I see the poodle coming straight at Reyna on a long flexi leash. Before I can say anything, there the poodle is trying to get at Reyna. At this point, it was all I could do is let them greet. But this dog was not very nice and it was really frustrating when I explained about working dogs and how they are suppose to ignore other dogs and they lady stood their in front of me with her poodle with a blank look on her face. After a few minutes, she left and the poodle stopped barking. Whew!

Next, a belly dance comes over by us and Reyna lunged at her with excitement. The noise her "clappers" were making made Reyna really excited and she actually barked once. I have never heard her do that before. It was sort of like a play bow with a bark. I made Reyna remain in a sit while the belly dancer danced around us in very close proximity.

Photo of the belly dancer dancing Reyna had difficulty with this, but we were lucky that the belly dancer came out 3-4 more times. I saw this as an excellent training opportunity, so we stayed and observed the other belly dances. I mean how many guide dogs in training have had the opportunity to be so close to a belly dancer? Photo of the belly dancer making a lot of noise with her clappers

The dancer made a lot of noise and she made quick movements.

Photo of the belly dancers spinning with a swordShe spun around a lot and used various props such as a sword.

Photo of the belly dancer dancing with a sword above her head

After the first dance, Reyna really had no reaction anymore. She just laid in a down and didn't even pay much attention to the dancer.

Photo of Reyna laying in a perfect down
This was exactly the reaction I was hoping for! Good girl, Reyna. Not long after that, two other poodles came up stairs. One black standard poodle and another white toy poodle. These two poodles where much better behaved then the first one. Reyna knew they were there, but she did not react other than looking over at them for a few seconds, then she put her head down. Reyna really settled in at this point and was on her best behavior.
Reyna asleep on the floor in the wine tasting room
This gave me an opportunity to actually taste a little wine! Reyna like the smell of the 2005 Syrah.....she sure has good taste!
After the wine tasting, we took Reyna out to dinner with us at a very nice restaurant. There is not much to tell you about that. Reyna curled up under my chair and fell asleep. What a great day of socialization for Miss Reyna!

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