Sunday, February 21, 2010

Practice makes perfect!

Reyna is laying under neath a chair at a restaurant sound asleep On Friday afternoon, my husband and I went out to lunch. I am going to brag on Reyna here because she has perfect restaurant behavior! We eat out a lot, so she has lots of practice. Smile. As soon as we were seated at the table, Reyna went right into position, which is under the chair. Reyna sits in front of the chair and I give her the down command, then I scoot my chair forward to the table. Reyna laid there under my chair the entire time. She fell asleep and she used the base of the table as a pillow. Way too cute! I put my camera under the table and snapped a photo of her sleeping under the table. I cannot express how nice it is to have a dog who just gets under the chair and falls asleep. I have had other dogs who I would have to give correction after correction as the dog went after every tiny crumb on the floor. Believe it or not, Reyna used to be that dog, but you know what they say, practice makes perfect!


  1. Thanks for helping blog friend Ro with her internet! There's a lot of perks to eating out often, like no cooking or washing dishes--plus cooperative pups! We don't eat out much (we're vegetarians, making options limited), so taking Cabana to restaurants was really, really hard.

  2. Hi,

    It was my pleasure to help Ro get the internet working! I know how fustrating it can be when things don't work :)