Sunday, October 3, 2010

Training in cars

Vienna sitting on the floor board of the truck. Yesterday Vienna got some practice with riding calmly in different vehicles.  She always rides in my car without any problems, so I thought  I would take the big diesel Ford F350.  It is just a big loud truck, and a totally different experience for Vienna.  The first problem we encountered was getting in.  I can barley get into this truck, and if it weren’t for the running boards, you could just forget it.  So basically there is not way Vienna could get in own her own right now.  So I just pick her up and put her in. That is probably best for her joints anyway.

Another photo of Vienna sitting on the floor board of the turvk being a very calm little girl.

Vienna started in a sit on the floor board of the front passenger side of the truck.  As we drove down the rode a bit, she started slowly sinking into a down.  She laid there with her eyes open for a few minutes, then her sleepy face came over her and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she was sound asleep.

Vienna laying on the floor of the truck with her sleepy face.

At first, she curled into a little ball on the floor.  Then the dream barking started.  Even though the truck was loud and bumpy, it didn’t stop Vienna from falling right to sleep.

Vienna is now curled up in a ball on the floor of the truck.

Before I knew it, she was sound asleep in that half pretzel position she just loves so much.  She is such a well adjusted little puppy and nothing really bothers her.  Not even the roar of a diesel engine!  Looks like we can start working on something else!

Vienna is now laying on the floor of the truck in a half pretzel position while she is dreaming.

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