Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reyna's Progress!

Close up of Reyna's face when she was a puppy. 10/7/10 - Reyna - Phase 3

I am happy to report Reyna is in phase three of training. Every Thursday when I get the phase report, I have such mixed feelings. I am exicted and anxious to see her progress for the week, but I am also sad because it is another reminder that she is no longer with us. Wow.....I really miss her this week. It looks like it has been raining up in Oregon. Imagine that! Well despite her name, Reyna really dislikes the rain. I guess she'll get used to it eventually :)


  1. I'm sure it's nice to get news, but I can also imagine the mixed feelings. Hope your heart is holding up okay!

  2. Go Reyna Go!!!

    Thank you for being a raiser. *hugs*

  3. Thank you Ro and Mimi! I still feel sad today. I am not sure what is going on with me, but I think I am just feeling the void Reyna's left in my heart. Vienna was an excellent distraction at first, but that only lasts so long. Eventually the void pushes through and I have to deal with it! It is all a part of this wonderful experience called puppy raising :(