Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reyna's Progress

Close up of Reyna's face when she was a little puppy.
10/14/10 - Reyna - Phase 4!
I was excited to get the phase report today because Reyna is offically half way through her training. I hope she continues to do well. Keep it up little girl!


  1. Wow! A phase a week! Are you feeling better about it all?

    Thank you again for being a raiser.

  2. Well, it is such an emotional roller coaster for me. The hardest part about puppy raising is when my pup is in training. I love it when they are with me, and when they get matched. But for me, training is the hardest part. I am feeling better than last week, but I think that is because of Vienna :) Ro, thank you for expressing your appreciation. It means so much.