Monday, October 11, 2010

Art and Wine Festival and Dogs!

Yesterday we took Vienna to the Art and Wine festival. I know she is young, but I knew she could handle it and if it was too much we were fine with just leaving. This was a great experience for her because it was one of her first real exposures to crowds. I thought the crowds would be more of a distraction for her, but they really weren't. She was distracted a little bit if someone made a huge fuss over her, but other than that, she was a champ. They had a live band there, so she was exposed to loud music for the first time. It didn't phase her in the least. And, of course, there were also a ton of dogs at the festival! I was careful to keep Vienna away and not let her greet the dogs. I got a little video of Tony walking with Vienna at the fesitival. In the video, a Bassett Hound shows a lot of interest in Vienna, and Viennna does a great job of not getting overly distracted as she keeps walking by without a problem. Pretty good for a little pup! Take a look.


  1. Wow! I am really impressed. What a good girl. :)

  2. Thanks! She is such an awesome puppy. I am really lucky to be raising her :)