Monday, October 11, 2010

Can you believe it? 29.8 pounds!

Vienna sitting on Tony's lap while we wait at the vets office to be taken back.

Vienna had a vet appointment today for her final shots. When we got there, they were pretty backed up, and they were also dealing with an emergency. So we had a bit of a wait before we were seen. Vienna enjoyed sitting in our laps as we waited. We held her because she was not fully vaccinated and the vet office id full of sick dogs! The employees laugh as Vienna had rolled on her back in my lap and sprawled out. They said she was the most relaxed dog they have ever seen at the office. I was excited to be there because I wanted to see how much weight she had gained since her last visit. She has had some issues eating when we first got her, so she seemed to be a little behind weight wise. Last time we were there she weighed 18 pounds at 12 weeks. Well, after what seemed like a long wait, we finally got her on the scale. And what do you know, she had gained 11 pounds! Good girl Miss V. When we finally got in a room, I put Vienna on the exam table. She was sitting up for a while, but as the wait got longer, you can see the progression in the photos below.

Patiently Waiting….

Vienna in a sit on the exam table patiently waiting for the vet.

Still waiting…... .

Vienna gets tired and she lays down on the exam table, still waiting.

More Waiting….

A close up of Vienna laying dowm on the exam table with her big eyes looking up at me, still waiting.

Fell asleep waiting…….

Vienna falls asleep on the exam table waiting for the vet.

Finally the vet made it in and gave Vienna her Rabies and last Distemper shots. The Vet said she was really impressed with how well behaved Vienna is. She gave Vienna some love and then she was done!

The vet giving Vienna one of her shots.  Vienna just stays in a sit without a fuss.

Vienna says, where’s my treat? Don’t I get a treat for all of that people? Ugh.

Vienna sitting on the exam table after her shots thinking she should be getting a treat for all of this.

I am excited that she is now legal and I don’t have to worry about where I take her. Adventures, here we come!

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  1. Clyde was very nervous about being on the table at the vet. I had to hold onto him for a few seconds while he squirmed until he realized if he sat still, he wouldn't fall off.

    Vienna has such BIG eyes!