Sunday, October 3, 2010

First trip to Petco!

Vienna in my husband's arms at Petco.

We went to Petco yesterday to get Vienna a new toy since she has been teething.  My husband carried her because she has not had her final shots yet.  Plus, there is a Parvo and Kennel Cough outbreak in our area.  Fun, huh?

Vienna smelling the yummy stuffed sterlile bones that she cannot have!

So we ended up at the sterile bones, and we let Vienna explore the bones a bit.  Some of the sterile bones were stuffed with a meat type filling.  Of course, that is the kind Vienna wanted, but we had to convince her that she wanted a plain old sterile bone without that yummy filling!

Vienna in my husband's arms watching the birds.

As we were leaving, we stopped to let Vienna watch the birds.  She was so cute just sitting in my husband’s arms  staring at the birds as she was trying to figure out what they were all about.  These birds were not only moving around a lot, they were also very noisy!  Vienna handled this just like she does everything, like a puppy mature way beyond her age!


  1. WOW, they let you take pics inside? I got severely reprimanded for trying to do that! Way to go Vienna!

  2. Vienna looks so cute being carried. I don't know why a store wouldn't want you to take photos. Strange!

  3. I have been severely reprimanded in other stores too. I don't think the employee's saw me taking these photos. Well, actually one did when we were looking at the birds, but she was distracted by the cutiness of Vienna :) I am not sure what the deal is either with these stores having a no photo policy. One lady chased me out of Hollister demanding that I delete a photo I took on my phone of my niece in the store. Crazy~