Friday, September 17, 2010

Vienna’s first movie!

Vienna at the movie theater laying on the ground sound asleep on her blanket.

Tonight we took Vienna to her first movie. We played it safe and saw “Easy A”. Being just three months old, I thought Vienna was way to young for a movie. This was a homework assignment from my club and I was told that I should take Vienna even though she is still such a baby. I was worried because I wasn’t sure she would settle and I was concerned about her having an accident. Normally, I wouldn’t take a puppy until it was around 4-5 months old. But there is really nothing normal about Vienna. She is just a very well behaved puppy who seems to be mature way beyond her age.

We got there really early and got seats at the very top of the theater so we would have more leg room. I brought a little blanket for Vienna, hoping she would just curl up on it and fall asleep. And you know what? That is exactly what she did! She literally slept through the entire movie. I had to wake her up when it was time to leave.

Vienna streached out on her blanket as she sleeps during the movie.

I have to admit, that I carried her out of the theater because she had been sleeping for almost two hours and it was a LONG walk to get outside. I was thinking prevention here. As I was leaving the theater a young man came up to me with the most serious look on his face and asked me if he could have Vienna! Ya, right, like I was just going to hand over my puppy. It was funny because he did not have any expression on his face, like a smile or anything. He just asked me with a totally straight face if he could have her.

We made it outside and I found the closest relieving area, and Vienna immediately did her business on command. She walked the rest of the way to the car with the sleepiest little face and a sleepy little walk. What an angel!

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