Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Back Class

Photo of Reyna's name on the back class board in Boring.  Photo credit to Martha G.

It’s strange to me how we find out information about our pups who are in training. Reyna has been in phase 0 for three weeks and I have been wondering what was going on with her. My leader told me that Reyna was being recalled to Oregon because they “needed dogs”. I wondered why if they needed dogs for training so badly, many of the dogs sent there from San Rafael where just sitting in phase zero? Well, I think I found out what is going on with Reyna. But it was not from a leader or CFR, it was from a fellow blogger! Martha G went to the Oregon campus today for an outing with her puppy club. She found out that when Oregon recalls dogs, they recall two classes. One class goes straight into training, and the other is what they call the “back class”. The back class waits for a later string to start training. I am not sure why they do recall this way, but I am sure there is a good reason. If someone knows why, please enlighten me. During this time, the back class works on obedience, and gets used to different collars, such as the head collar, etc. Reyna will need some extra work with the head collar, so maybe this is a good thing! I am so happy I finally got some real info. on my little girl. Thank you, Martha!


  1. It's great to hear some news isn't it? I too would love to know exactly what the point of the back class is, and how they decide which dogs to put in training and which in the back class!

    Also, do you happen to know why some of the name tags are different colors?

    It would have been cool to see Reyna and Betsy graduate together! But unfortunately Betsy was CC'd. Can't wait to have her home though!

  2. Yes, it is great to hear something.....anything! I don't know if the different color tags have meaning or not. Does anyone know? It would have been fun to have Reyna and Betsy graduate together, but from the sounds of it you are not to disappointed about the way it turned out :) Was Betsy released for medical reasons?

  3. Maybe the different colored name tags represent the colors of the dogs?
    I know Spike and Reyna are both yellow, and they have the same color name tag.
    I know that Betsy, Hahn and Greta are all black labs, and their tags are the same color. And I know Elvis is a Golden Retriever, and his tag is different than any of the others.
    Just a guess. :)

  4. lauren is correct about the tags, based on color and breed

  5. Hi Stephanie!

    You commented on a post ~ Yay! And with good information, as always. Vienna is growing like a weed. My toes still look good :) Miss you. Hope to get together soon.

    Oh and one question. Does the SR campus have a back class like that?