Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bonding in the kitchen? I think so!

So I am enjoying Vienna entirely way too much! Can you tell?

This was Vienna as I was cooking dinner tonight! She is way too sweet :)

Sorry about the pictures of my feet! It is not something I would normally put on a blog, but I had to make an exception tonight. I am actually getting a pedicure tomorrow with Glenda and Stephanie (and Wendy, too!)

Cooking dinner in the kitchen with Vienna asleep between my legs.

A close up of Vienna sound asleep between my feet as I cook dinner without moving.  Haaa

Vienna uses my foot as a pillow as I cook dinner tonight.


  1. Cute! And Yeah for pedicures!! Dagan loves going and watching what they do to me - his favorite part is when they drain the tub :) Have fun!

  2. Thanks Cassie. I don't think I will bring Vienna when I get my pedicure, but she will be joining us for lunch! Fun day :)

  3. lol sounds adorable... but tricky to move around haha!