Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hard day at the office

Vienna has been going to the office with Judi, my co-raiser. By the looks of it, it seems Vienna has been working really hard at doing one thing……sleeping on her back! She also snores really loud, so hopefully the customers don’t hear her! Check her out:

Vienna rolled over and sprawled out on her back sound asleep while she is on tie down in Judi's office.

Vienna sound a sleep in the office on tie down half on her back and half way on her side.

Vienna laying in a corner on a tie down sound asleep on her back.

From what Judi tells me, she has been really good in the office most of the time. Not to shabby for a three month old little pup, huh? To me she looks like a professional sleeper! LOL. Good girl little Miss V.

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