Monday, September 13, 2010

Vienna hangs out with the big dogs!

Yesterday, Glenda, “Wendy” and Stephanie came over and we went to lunch and had pedicures, then we went for a nice walk. I decided to let Vienna come along with us to lunch. In some ways, she is still such a baby, and in other ways she is like a mature guide dog. She is physically still so small, but her behavior makes me think she is older than she is. I have to keep reminding myself she is only three months old! Before we went to lunch, Vienna and Wendy hung out together. They were pretty darn cute. A real guide dog, and a little puppy in training who is full of potential.

Vienna and Wendy laying downn in the kitchen together.

We went the restaurant, and both Vienna and Wendy settled nicely. Here are a few photos of Vienna while we were at lunch. She really has this restaurant stuff down!

Vienna asleep underneath the table at lunch.

A close up of Vienna's face as she sleeps under the table.

Vienna rolled on her back as she sleeps underneath the table.

Vienna as she has inched over to Stephanie's feet.  Vienna is holding Stephanies feet with her paws.

And here is Wendy:

A close up of Wendy's face.

Wendy laying quietly under the table at lunch. What a pretty face.

After lunch we went home and dropped off Vienna, then we went to get pedicures. Wendy was so good and just laid by Glenda’s side while we were all pampered. We came home, then we took Vienna and Wendy for a walk. Vienna did really well walking and keeping up with Wendy. She also did a good job walking on leash and staying at my side. I was impressed with how long she was able to walk without getting tired. She was exposed to a variety of things such as traffic, people, bicycles, other dogs, strange noises, water and even some ducks! It was fun watching her discover the world! It was also great spending time with such wonderful friends :)

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