Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ready for Restaurants? You bet!

Vienna laying under my chair in the restaurant with her head up.

Last night, we took Vienna out for the first time to a restaurant. We went to Pasta Pomodoro. I took Vienna here with Stephanie a couple weeks ago, but we played it safe and ate outside. Very low risk. But Vienna was perfect and just slept through our lunch.

Vienna asleep at the outside table when Stephane and I took her to Pasta Poromdoro for lunch.

Last night we were brave and decided to eat inside. Last week Vienna finally got a puppy coat that actually fits her, so the timing seemed right. However, I was totally prepared to leave and get our food to go if it didn’t go so well. As we were seated, I placed Vienna in a down (we are still working on that command) underneath my chair.

Vienna laying underneath my chair after I placed her in a down.  She has her chin resting on the floor.

To my surprise, she settled right away. Well, I guess I wasn’t that surprised considering her personality, which is very content and easy going. After a few minutes, she just fell asleep and I barley knew she was there except for the occasional repositioning she did to get comfortable throughout our dinner. Take a look.

Vienna sound asleep snuggled up against the leg of the table.

Vienna repostioned but still sound asleep underneath the table.  She is streching her paws a bit.

Vienna laying across the table legs.  It doesn't look very comfortable to me!

A close up of Vienna snuggled up in a tight ball underneath the table.  She is sound asleep.

This was just too easy. She is such a wonderful little girl. Our homework from our club this week is to go to a movie. Hmmmmm……I have never taken such a small pup (3 months old) to a movie before, but I was told she could do it so I will be taking her this weekend. I’ll post about how it went next week. Hope everyone has a good weekend :)

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