Monday, July 26, 2010

Ruining Reyna?

A photo of Reyna's red booties.

The other day I received word from an anonymous instructor (who’s name MIGHT be similar to mine!) at GDB that I in fact did not ruin Reyna by putting booties on her. Phew……..! Sometimes it is REALLY nice to have instructors following the blog :) She was not aware of anything that prohibited puppy raisers from exposing pups in training to booties, but I am still not exactly sure about it. The trainer went on to tell me that no one at the SR campus has had to spend any significant time introducing booties to any pup in training (even the body sensitive ones). They all wiggle a bit or pull their paws away, but they just use lots of praise and food. Good too know! Reyna didn’t do any of that. She just laid there and let me put the boots on without a problem. She is such a good girl!

Just thought I would share the news that I don’t need to change my blog name from “Raising Reyna” to “Ruining Reyna!”


  1. I hope you don't think I was implying that you were ruining Reyna. Not my intent at all! In your post you mentioned that it would be great if the booties were handed out with puppies (or asked why they didn't - I don't remember exactly without looking back). My only intent was to post what I have been / my understanding of our rules for booties.

    With as many puppy raisers as there are, it is impossible to monitor everything. Many of our rules are because of that. Toy policies, no escalators, no this no that. All because it can't be monitored to be sure that it is being done safely and correctly in every home.

    That is what I was trying to say. I'm really sorry if you were insulted by my comment.

  2. I'm glad you aren't "ruining" her. :) I do agree with the fact that at Reyna's age you can't keep them inside and off the pavement. Even at Rocco's age it's hard to do because he does go with me everywhere during the summer so he gets use to having to work all day and summers are the only time when I have time. :) I still wish they allowed us all to have booties. It would make 110 days a bit more bearable. I wouldn't have to run across the pavement with my puppy.

  3. Cassie,

    Oh Gosh, not at all. I was not insulted in the least. It is just my way of laughing at myself, and just having a little fun. I know you were not saying I was ruining Reyna, those were my words and just my way of joking around a bit. When the instructor saw my comment, she just wanted to make sure I knew it wasn't a big deal. So I just took it from there. Please know I am not offended in the least :) And thanks for mentioning it or I would have never known to ask about it.

    Take Care!