Sunday, July 11, 2010

Awesome weekend and the Sugarland concert!

Reyna and Wendy smiling for the camera before the Sugarland concert at Ironstone Winery.

The Ironstone Amphitheatre.

This weekend we went up to Ironstone Winery to see the Sugarland concert and it was incredible! We went up to Murphy’s for the weekend with Glenda and “Wendy” and Glenda’s husband John. Reyna has been to concerts before, so I knew she would do great. The fun thing was that Reyna had her BFF Wendy at the concert with her and they were truly wonderful. Everyone kept asking if they could take their photo while we were waiting for the concert to start. The photo above is one of the many times we posed the girls for a photo op. They were both so happy to be together they had huge smiles on their faces.

We had great seats, but they were so close together and their was no room for the dogs. We couldn’t even put them under our chairs because the chairs had a bar at the bottom which prevent the dogs from fitting underneath them. So luckily we were on an isle and we just moved the dogs when people needed to walk by.

Wendy laying in the isle at the concert.  She is looking up and smiling at me.

You can see how tight the isle was by this picture of Wendy. She was so good about just laying there by Glenda.

Reyna trying to get Glenda's attention so she will pet her.

Reyna on the other hand, could not get enough of Glenda. She kept creeping over to get closer and closer to her. Then Reyna would sit up and nudge Glenda to get her attention so she would pet her. Reyna basically didn’t leave Glenda’s side the entire evening.

Reyna laying at Glenda's feet.

Reyna did lay down, but as you can tell, she is at Glenda feet. (Glenda is wearing the white dress). But of course, Glenda didn’t mind, in fact, she loved it!

Glenda giving Reyna and Wendy a drink of water before the concert.  It was HOT and they were both so thirsty.

It was REALLY hot and it was an outside concert, so the dogs got a little drink before the concert started. They drank almost a whole bottle of water. These girls were thirsty!

Sugarland on stage at the concert.  Go see them!!

Sugarland started playing and they were awesome! The amount of energy coming off of that stage was like something I have never experienced. The music was so loud, that you could not only hear it, but you could feel it going through your body. When the music started Glenda and I looked at each other, and you could tell we were both thinking the same thing. Was this going to be too loud for the dogs? Well, I looked down and this is what I saw. So I guess the answer to our questions was, heck no! As I looked down, I saw that Reyna was using Wendy as a pillow. They were both just sound asleep.

Reyna using Wendy as a pillow at the concert.

Sugarland performing on stage.

Then they switched to this position. It looks like the two of them are hugging. Soooooo darn cute!

Reyna and Wendy hugging each othe while they sleep at the LOUD concert.  We could not ask for better dogs!

Sugarland on stage.  They were awesome.

The concert was so much fun that I don’t think we sat down during the entire concert. I was dancing around to the music, but I had to keep both of my feet in the same place because I had Reyna’s head on my right foot and Wendy’s head on my left foot. By the end of the night, both of my feet were asleep :)

We didn’t get home from the concert until after midnight. The pups were so sleepy. On Saturday, we spend the day laying around the pool, and Reyna and Wendy both went swimming and they had a ton of fun playing with their beach toys in the pool.

Last night, we cooked a fabulous gourmet meal, and we sat out side enjoying dinner with the best bottle of Cab I have had in a long time! We sat outside enjoying the view and a beautiful sunset. Now that’s the life :)

Reyna and Wendy snuggled up on Wendy's bed together.

Reyna and Wendy alseep together on Wendy's bed.  Two tired pups!

These photos were taken last night after all of the fun was over. Check out the two BFF’s snuggling up and sleeping together!


  1. Those pictures of them cuddling is adorable! I know sometimes we will take a dog some place and think it's too loud for them and they will be sound asleep. It looks like everyone had a great time! :)

  2. Those are the sweetest pictures of the two of them! They really look like the best of friends. What good girls- sleeping through such a loud concert. It sounds like Reyna is doing really well. Don has a habit of sleeping in loud places, too. Classmates always ask me how Don can possibly fall asleep amidst all the noise :)