Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blues and Brew Festival and a Chihuahua!

Reyna sitting with the Blues and Brew Festival sign in the background.  Of course, she is smiling for the camera!

Today we took Reyna to the Blues and Brew Festival. I thought it would be a good place to socialize her. There would be crowds of people, loud music and probably other dogs. Well, I was right! It turned out to be a great place to socialize Reyna. When we got there, we just walked around and exposed Reyna to the people and the music. Here is a video of Reyna when we first got there. My husband is walking Reyna through the event. She does well for the most part. At the end of the video you get a real taste of Reyna’s social personality when a woman comes by, calls to Reyna and bends down to visit with her without any warning. It happens so quickly there wasn’t much my husband could do. That is just life of a puppy raiser :) People are so attracted to these dogs, and because Reyna was appropriate with her interaction, (no jumping, etc,) she was allowed to say hello. Reyna always does well with saying hello to people and she does a good job remaining calm.

Link to video:

ere are a couple of pictures of Reyna throughout the day.

Reyna sitting on the lawn at the Festival with a crowd of people behind her.

Reyna laying on the grass taking a little break.

Reyna did beautifully with the people and the loud music. But she also did REALLY well with the dogs. And there were lots of them. Some well behaved and some not so much! But Reyna was not distracted, even by the dogs who were barking and growling at her. She had a wonderful opportunity to meet a tiny Chihuahua. I don’t think Reyna has ever seen a dog so tiny. I know I have never seen a dog that small. In fact. at first Reyna was trying to figure out what the heck it was. She did a good job staying in a sit while I moved her closer so she could check it out.

Reyna meeting a tiny Chihuahua for the first time.  She is in a sit just looking at this little dog who is on its owners lap.

Since Reyna did so well with that, I decided it would be ok if Reyna got a closer look at this little thing. We allowed Reyna to smell her backside so she could figure out what the heck this thing was. All went well with that, but the little Chihuahua was a little scared of Reyna. We let them sit and check each other out a little longer, then we decided they could interact again.

Reyna and the Chihuahua getting to know each other.

So here is the second interaction, Reyna and the Chihuahua are nose to nose without any problems! What an accomplishment for both dogs. It was so good for Reyna to have this opportunity, because we are never around dogs this size. We are big dog people, and all of our friends and family are big dog people, too. So this made taking Reyna to the Festival soooo worth it!

Reyna and the Chihuahua nose to nose.

Here is a close up for you. I love that!

A close up of Reyna and the Chihuahua nose to nose.

Speaking of friends, we met one of my friends and her pup “Serenity” who is a CCI pup at the Festival. Serenity is just barely five months old, so this was a lot for her, but it turned out to be a great experience. Here is a photo of Serenity and Reyna together at the end of the day. Both dogs did great. And we were actually able to taste some beer, considering it was a beer festival. Lots of fun was had by all!

Reyna sitting with her friend Serenity who is being raised in the CCI program.

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