Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reyna’s Recall?

Reyna sitting on green grass at 12 weeks old in her puppy coat for the first time!

Where does the time go? Could it really be time for Reyna’s recall? It seems like it was just yesterday when Reyna was 12 weeks old getting her picture in her puppy coat for the first time. She was a little cutey wasn’t she? I thought I would update everyone on this subject because I had several people asking about it. My CFR thought that Reyna was going to be on the June recall, because she turned 15 months old in June. But they only wanted three dogs in for training in June from our area, so Reyna was not on for June. I was told there was a chance that she would be recalled this weekend, but I found out a few days ago, there are still several dogs ahead of her, so she was not on for the July recall. So now we wait until the August 15th recall. I believe she will be recalled in August, but that is really just a feeling I have.

In the past, puppy raisers in my area were given about two months notice for recall. Now that GDB has changed everything, they are only recalling the exact number of dogs they need, instead of a set number of dogs each month. But what that means is they wait until the last minute to see how many dogs are cut from breeding and put into training. So we are now getting sometimes less than a weeks notice for recall. I am glad GDB has this all dialed in much more efficiently, but I don’t like the fact that we have no clue if our pup is being recalled until last minute. So as of right now I am planning on August for her recall, but we will have to just wait to for the offical word!


  1. I had about two weeks notice when Freya was recalled. We guessed she would be on February recall because she would have been 16 months on the dot. So it was what I was planning for and you could tell she was ready. I hate that realization.

  2. We just had evaluations with our Golden who is 15 months and they wanted to recall her for july. Luckily she had just came out of season and they said we could wait for the August. Still haven't heard for sure if it is August. I do remember with our first few pups we were told two month ahead of the recall date. It looks as though we are both looking at that dreaded date in August.

  3. Wow, only a week or two notice. I thought ours at 4 weeks was short notice. That's good though they are only recalling dogs that they need... so dogs don't just sit in kennels! Enjoy your remaining time with her!