Thursday, July 22, 2010

A post from Judi "All Girls Weekend!"

Reyna and I went on an "all girls weekend" to visit with my friend Annette in Fresno. Annette lives in a "co-housing" community. Everyone helps everyone else out; there is a community kitchen and everyone can participate in making dinners or you can choose to eat in your own home. There is a community garden which Reyna and I explored, plus we got to meet lots of interesting people. Reyna and I were invited with Annette for dinner at someone's house on Friday night. Reyna was perfect even though there were three cats in the house. Lots of the community dogs took an interest in her but she was on her best guide dog behavior. It was really hot so we devised a relieving plan that included going out at 5 in the morning (Reyna's idea) and during the day only walking in the shade or on bark along the side of the walkways. Saturday was an all day trip to Huntington Lake east of was warm at the lake so I set Reyna up with her on little umbrella shade area she could lay under it and still have a full view of the lake and all the people going in and out.

Reyna at the lake laying on a blanket under neath an embrella for shade.

We did several walks into the lake to cool off and Reyna loved the water she really didn't want to swim she wanted to play and look for rocks.

Reyna and Judi at the lake.  Judi is in the water and Reyna is sitting at the waters edge.

Reyna in the lake biting at the water!

Several dogs went by us including a black lab that was loose with out his people and she completely ignored him! (Good Girl). Back to Fresno and the heat 105 yuck and dinner. My friend has a cat Reyna was interested in her but we came up with a plan that Reyna had the run of the house during the day and Jade could be out at night. Saturday night there was a big celebration dinner in the community room for one of the residents I decided to leave Reyna at the house because the area was so crowded and being held outside, plus very hot. She was great in the house no worries and was happy to see us when we got back but she had all her toys with her so wasn't that concerned. Anyway back to Walnut Creek and Mia's birthday party on Sunday...Reyna was really happy to see all the grandkids and was happy to be back in her own spot. All in all a great weekend for everyone.

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