Saturday, August 21, 2010

A post from Judi! Reyna on Vacation.

Reyna went on vacation with the entire Rowe family in August to The Feather River Park Resort in Greagle CA. Feather River Park is a resort dating back to the 1920's and all the cabins are real log cabins.

Reyna sitting on the grass out front of the cabin.

The Rowe family has been going for 25 years. Reyna was a welcome addition to our cabin everyone who knows us stopped by the porch to say hi and give her a pat.

Reyna handing out on the porch laying on her dog bed.

She was always good with her greetings. Reyna spent time at the lodge and at the pool, she also spent time splashing with Cody and the grandchildren in the creek that runs behind our cabin and in the Feather River.

Reyna is swimming in the creek!

She took a long walk everyday through the woods and into town, on one of our walks there was a very persistent loose dog that was following us but she looked back a couple of times and kept on walking on a loose leash. Reyna visited the Greagle Store which dates back to the 1800's and we bought groceries and walked around through the town.

Photo of the tall trees and pathways.

Reyna was also part of Hot Dog night at the pool she sat between two 2 year olds while they ate their hot dogs and never made any attempt to even sniff them.

Reyna hangs out by the pool.

We were all so happy to have Reyna on this vacation because the entire family that she has met through various social functions was there not only to play and talk to her but to say goodbye. We are all sad to say "goodbye" to our girl she has a special place in everyone's heart, but we know she is going on for a better purpose and for that reason the whole family is proud of her. We all love you Reyna.

Reyna sitting on the grass.

The Entire Rowe Family.

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