Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Post from Judi. Lafayette Reservoir!

Picture of the Lafayette Reservior.

Reyna woke up this morning with more than the usual vim and vigor that is normal. She was into everything and playing roughly with all of her toys, we decided that the best thing to get rid of this excess energy was a walk. Phil, Darcie, James and I took Reyna and Cody to the Lafayette Reservoir. Well James wanted to run so he ran ahead with Cody, Reyna was beside herself with all the smells and what I call "dogs gone wild" after putting her in a sit 5 times and making her wait until I was ready we finally managed to come up with a nice loose leash walk. We were walking along just fine trying very hard to avoid tiny barking dogs on retractable leashes but our biggest problem was a family behind us with two kids one on a skate board and one on a scooter. The scooter person would come up right behind us and I am talking inches and stop wait for her family and then do it again, the skateboard person would just go up and back. Reyna was a real champ she never reacted to any of it, the noise or the kids or the scooter and skateboard. We finally stepped to the side because the whole thing was really annoying and the family walked by and asked me how the training was going. I wish I could have come up with a good comeback. Anyway the rest of our walk was good, the reservoir walk is a good learning place for older puppies because of all the smells and dogs and just people around. No one asked to pat her which was nice although most people don't have any control over their dogs, we finally ended up walking a distance behind a gentleman that was training his two German Sheppard's to ignore dogs. We almost made it to the car after dodging strollers, bikes, scooters and skateboards, and our last few feet encountered a man with a huge Mastiff type dog on a retractable leash telling it to leave Reyna alone. Reyna was a gem and paid no attention to him and kept right on walking, it made me a little nervous but she just walked right through it. So now we are at home with a very tired girl, I think we are both going to take a nap.


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