Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reyna goes to Berkeley

Yesterday, we went to UC Berkeley. My son, who is a sophomore in high school had to go take a class at Stanley Hall for his Chemistry class.

My son Tyler and one of his classmates standing in front of the Stanley Hall buidling at the UC Berkeley campus.

Reyna and Tyler sitting by a water foutain.  Tyler is giving Reyna a little snuggle.

My husband and I dropped him off, and then we took off to go walk Reyna around Berkeley, and get some breakfast. We ended up on fourth St., which has fabulous shopping. As we were walking around, we met a career changed guide dog. She was a two year old black lab, and for the life of me I can’t remember her name. It started with a “G”, that is all I remember. She was very sweet, and her handler’s girlfriend used to work in the kennel department at GDB.

We found a place for breakfast, and I placed Reyna in a down underneath my chair.

Reyna doing a great job at breakfast laying under my chair.

We had a very nice breakfast and Miss Reyna was being a really good girl. But all of the sudden, within literally one second, Reyna sprung out from under my chair to being under my husbands chair which was directly in front of her. I thought what in the world is she doing? You guessed it, she went after a crumb and she must had been keying on it the entire time and she had a momentary loss of self control. Ugh. I gave her a correction and she didn’t do it again.

After breakfast, we walked around and Reyna met a new friend. I am so impressed with how good Reyna is with babies. Take a look at her interaction with a little girl we met in Berkeley.

Reyna in a very nice sit as she waits for my OK to greet the little girl.The little girls Dad pats Reyna's head.Reyna is touched on the nose, and she does not lick.  Yay Reyna!

This awesome interaction has to be credited to my co-raiser, Judi, who has exposed Reyna so beautifully to her grandchildren. Thank you Judi!

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