Monday, March 22, 2010

An afternoon at GDB with Summer and Lake!

Summer and Lake sitting on a bench together near the water foutain.  Summer is smiling and she is giving Lake a hug.

Lake by the foutain at GDB.  Lake is looking up at Summer.

A nice close up of Lake's handsome face!

This afternoon, Reyna and I went over to Guide Dogs to meet Summer (a student in class). Sunday is visiting day, so I went over to take Summer to lunch and do a little shopping. When we arrived we met Summer, and Lake was laying quietly on his tie down. I looked around the bed and I saw this beautiful black lab. Lake is a big boy, and his head looks like it weighs 30 pounds! I just love a dog with a big head like that. I brought Lake a nylabone wishbone, and he loved it!

Lake on a tie down in Summer's room doing a play bow showing me his Wishbone.

It was too bad, but Lake was not allowed to go with us off campus, but I told Summer I wanted to be sure to spend some time with him when we got back.

Before we left, Summer told me Stephanie the RA heard a puppy in training was coming, so she wanted to meet Reyna before we went to lunch. We went and saw Stephanie and we had a nice visit. Stephanie enjoyed visiting with Reyna and Reyna enjoyed the visit just as much. So then off we went to lunch. I was quite the multi-tasker because I had Reyna on my left, and Summer went sighted guide on my right! Hummmm…I wondered how that would work when I had to give Reyna corrections? Sorry Summer, if it was a little rough – but we all survived. I just walked slower so I was sure I was managing everyone ok. On the way over to the restaurant, Reyna sat up front with Summer. Reyna and Summer quickly became friends, and Reyna was so sweet she just rested her head on Summer’s knee while we were driving. It was pretty adorable.

Reyna in the car with her head resting on Summer's leg.  Too cute!

Reyna did some really nice loose leash walking on the way to the restaurant. We ended up going to BJ’s. The really cool thing was they had a Braille menu. That was pretty impressive! Reyna settled quickly underneath my chair and crashed. Good girl Reyna! We enjoyed our lunch and then we went to do some shopping. It was an outside mall so walked around for a while just checking things out. There were a ton of distractions for Reyna. There were lots of dogs, people, birds and even a duck. Surprisingly, the most distracting thing for Reyna was the smell of the beautiful flowers. There were a lot of big pots planted with very colorful flowers, and Reyna felt the need to sniff them.

Reyna sitting by a beautiful planter full of colorful flowers.  Yes, these are the ones she just had to sniff!

Another photo of Reyna sitting by the same planter, but the photo is taken from a different angle.

After a few corrections, Reyna didn’t sniff as much. But she would try to sneak a sniff every now and then.

We ended up in Pier One, and we found some good smelling soaps, candles, and home sprays. Reyna did very well in the store, even with all of the smelly stuff. Summer set up a distraction for Reyna, but Reyna didn’t go for it. She was a good girl.

Reyna in a perfect down ignoring Summer's distraction.  The distraction is three shower sponges with a long plastic handle.  These are standng upright on the ground right in front of Reyna.  Reyna is so close to the distraction that her nose is almost touching it, but she is not bothering it at all.

Reyna continues to ignore the distraction.  Good girl!

I took a few photos of Reyna, and then a store clerk came up to me and scolded me for taking photos in the store. Apparently, it is against store policy to take a picture of my dog. Can you believe that? This is the second time I have been told not to take photos in a store. Last week I was in Hollister, and I thought they were going to arrest me for taking a picture. The lady stood there and wouldn’t leave until I deleted the picture. What is up with that? Last time I checked it was a free country, so if I want to take a picture of my dog, guess what? I am going to do it. Sorry, but that just really annoyed me. Anyway, Summer had fun smelling her way through the store and then she bought a few things. It was getting late, so we headed back to campus.

Summer fed and relieved Lake, then we took a walk around campus. We sat by the waterfall for awhile, then we went over and sat under the redwood trees.

Reyna and Lake laying down near the foutain together.  Lake has his harness on and Reyna has on her puppy coat.

Reyna and Lake both sitting under the redwood trees together.  The little pup in training hanging out with the big guide dog.  Reyna hopes one day she will be like Lake!

Reyna and Lake competed for Summer’s attention.

Reyna nudging her way over to Summer to get some attention.  Summer looks down at Reyna while Reyna looks up at Summer.  Poor lake is in the back ground saying Hey, that's my Mom!

Then Lake decided he wanted to hold me down, so he put his foot over mine so I couldn’t move. It was pretty darn cute.

Lake laying on the ground with both of his paws on my foot holding me in place.

Summer and I had some good laughs with the dogs, then it was time for her to head back in for dinner. Reyna and I had a great afternoon visiting and hanging out! We hope to be able to attend the graduation on Saturday!

As an aside, if you are using a screen reader to read this post, could you tell me if the photos have descriptions? I am using a different program with more flexiablity to create my blog posts, then I am importing the post to the blog. Somewhere I think something went wrong with the photo descriptions. Hopefully, I have that fixed now, but please let me know. Thanks!


  1. There are descriptions on all the photos, and Alex read each one twice lol. I've never enountered that before, odd. But they were great descriptions! Sounds like you two had a blast!

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