Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Off to San Luis Obispo with Judi

Close up of Reyna's face in the hotel room with her wishbone.

Reyna's week with the Rowe family was pretty exciting, not only did we celebrate her Birthday at the Cheesecake Factory on Thursday March 25th, we took Reyna on her first overnight with us to a Hotel. We left Saturday morning to drive to San Luis Obispo with Reyna very comfortable in the back of the car and James crammed into the backseat with all the luggage. We stopped three times, each time letting Reyna out to stretch and relieve, but she wasn't interested in the relieving part just walking around.

Once at the hotel Embassy Suites, we chose a room on the third floor. I wanted Reyna to experience the elevator which had glass walls. She was wary at first, but she never balked about going in. We had big room where she made herself comfortable with her toys.

Reyna chewing on her toys on the floor of the hotel room.

Reyna curled up in a ball laying on the floor of the hotel room.

The next thing to do was go on another big drive, poor Reyna more time in the car...but she was great, still no relieving. Once we got back she finally found a spot she liked and that's where we ended up going for the rest of the trip. Reyna was perfectly behaved when Phil and I met with the event coordinator for Embassy Suites, we were looking at the big event rooms for our Porsche club meeting in May. The event rooms were being set up with a Pirate Themed Dinner and there was lots to see. We then went and had appetizers and drinks in the courtyard of the Embassy she was so well behaved everyone came by to see her and comment on what a good girl she was.

Then off to Tahoe Joe's for dinner, once again the perfect dog under the table. She walked back with James to the hotel. When I got back we took a picture with the pirates and she wasn't real sure about that because there were about six people telling her to sit at the same time...I think the pirates had too much pirate juice and their costumes were full of feathers and bells and lace so she was not sure of the whole thing.

Reyna with a really unsure look on her face with the drunk pirates.

After dinner Reyna had her dinner and I took her down to relieve again but no luck.....but guess what at 1:30AM someone NEEDED to go out. I had a cold nose in my face but even though I was groggy I couldn't believe Reyna she knew exactly where to go to get to the elevator, she was making all the turns and sat directly in front of it. We went out she gladly relieved and we all went back to bed. Sunday was a long drive home but first we stopped at the Harmony Glass Blowing company in Harmony CA. Reyna was fabulous never went near any of the displays or even tried to smell them. What a good girl!

Reyna in a nice sit-stay in front of the glass blowing shop.  Behind her is a table with many different colors and shaped glass.

Home again Miss Reyna was sooooo worn out she slept all day on Monday. What a good traveler.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip-- with a very well behaved dog! Way to go, Reyna. She looks quite comfy in the hotel room with all her toys.