Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Blind Date with Dianne Phelps and Hibiscus

Last Saturday, I went up to see Dianne and help her out with some computer issues she was having. We spent sometime on the computer, with no luck, so we walked over to the Steakhouse to meet a couple of Dianne’s friends for lunch. One of the ladies we were meeting, Ruth, was 80 years old, and she has a guide dog named Judith. The catch was that Dianne had never met these ladies before. Dianne has known Ruth from an email list for many years, but since she lives in Oregon, they had never actually met. So it was pretty much a blind lunch date, no pun intended. Smile. It was fascinating as we all sat there talking like friends who have know each other for a long time. The thing that struck me was that we all have become friends through Guide Dogs for The Blind! It was like we were all a part of the GDB family, and that in itself made us not strangers at all. That is really pretty cool when you stop and think about it.

Dianne and Hibiscus and Ruth and Judith standing in front of the restuarant after lunch.

I enjoyed the stories these ladies told as they recounted for me the stories about their retired guides and some great stories about their current guides as well. These stories are the reason I raise these wonderful pups! And there I sat, just a PPR (that is short for a peon puppy raiser). Smile. It is sort of an inside joke, but it also describes how we feel sometimes as we just have to do as we are told. I felt very honored that they included me in their lunch. Thank you Dianne for a wonderful afternoon!

PS – I did manage to get Dianne’s computer fixed after lunch. Yay!

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