Monday, May 31, 2010

Guest star of Reyna’s blog. . it's Sheba!

Sheba sitting outside the Bass Pro Shop.

This weekend Reyna went back to Judi, and we unexpectantly got Sheba until Tuesday. She is a 11 month old black lab. Her family had to leave town on a moments notice, so we were asked to take her. Today, my son wanted to go to the Bass Pro Shop, and I thought it would be a great experience for Sheba.

Sheba has done something sort of strange the past couple of days. When she sees her leash and her puppy coat, she turns and runs to my bedroom and hides in the crate. And she will not come out.

Sheba hiding in the crate after I put her leash and puppy coat on!

I took a picture of her as I tried to convince her to come out of the crate. I am not sure what this is all about, because I have puppy sat her many times and she has never done this. Maybe it’s too hot and she wants to stay in where it is cool? She has done this twice so far, so I will let her raisers know about it. Well, I did finally drag her out of the crate and we headed off to the Bass Pro Shop. My 16 year old son drove us there, and somehow I am still here to tell you about the trip!

We were starving when we arrived, so we went over to Red Robin for lunch.

Sheba sitting outside with Red Robin the the back ground.

When we sat down at our table, Sheba went right underneath the table like a good girl. She actually did not move a muscle until we left. What a good girl! Here is a picture of the way she just laid under the table. I think she was hot and the tile floor felt good. Poor black labs…they get so hot!

Sheba sound asleep underneath the table at Red Robin.

After lunch, we went into the Bass Pro Shop. There are all sorts of crazy distractions in this place, and Sheba could care less. She walked very calmly as we shopped around for a while.

Tony and Sheba shopping at the Bass Pro Shop in the fishing department.

Tony and Sheba in the shopping in the fishing department.

Tyler wanted to look at some hunting knifes, so we had a long wait in the hunting department just waiting for some assistance. She just sat there very patiently and looked into the glass case as if she was contemplating a purchase!

Sheba in a sit staring into the glass case that holds the hunting knifes.

Sheba getting a closer look at what is in the glass case.

Tyler and Sheba still waiting for assistance in the hunting department. Such patience!

After we finally got help in the hunting department, I decided to take Sheba around for some distraction training. Our first stop was the dog toy isle. However, it was not a challenge for Sheba as she was more interested in me than the dog treats!

Sheba in thbe dog toy isle.  My attempts to distract her fail.  Good girl!

Next, we stopped by some decoys to see her reaction, but yet again, she was more interested in me than the ducks!

Sheba ignoring the decoys.  She is completely focused on me!

We moved on to a fake Wolf, which she was interested in. She kept smelling and licking the Wolf’s ears. But she was not distracted, just a little curious.

Sheba sniffing the fake wolf's ear.  She thinks it is real...too cute!

Next, we exposed her to ducks and geese! She was sooo good. Since she is technically a bird dog, I though this would be more difficult. But nope……take a look!

Sheba face to face with a duck! Sheba investigates a goose!

Sheba remains in a down-stay as a goose comes at her face. Amazing!

Sheba ignoring the goose as she lays in a down.

Once we finished the distraction training, we had a chance to do some stair work. But these stairs were really different because they were surrounded by big fish! Another thing that made these stairs challenging was they had a very loud waterfall around them. Sheba was a little sensitive to the sound of the water, but she didn’t miss a beat.

Sheba working up a stair case with Tony.

On the way back down the stairs, Sheba noticed an overhead obstacle. Or should I say an overhead distraction. Ya, that is more like it. The birds hanging on the wall and the ceiling really caught her eye!

Sheba looking straight up in the air at the birds on the ceiling.

When I refocused her, we finished the stairs and then we went over to an indoor pond that had huge bass in it. It also had a couple for fake guys fly fishing. Sheba had no interest in it. She is such a great dog!

Sheba sitting infront of the indoor pond with flyfishermen in the background.

I thought since she didn’t have any interest in the pond, that she might be distracted or afraid of a very large stuffed bear. Well, Sheba wasn’t afraid or distracted by it, she actually made friends with it!

Sheba sits in frint of a stuffed bear with her pink tongue hanging out!

I finally found something that interested Sheba. There is this large glass wall with huge fish in it. You can walk right up to it, and Sheba calmly sat there watching these huge fish as they swam by. It was really cute to watch her head move back and forth as she followed these big monster fish.

Sheba watching the fish as they swim by in the glass wall tank.

Sheba sitting in front of the wall tank.

Before we left, we took Sheba outside and my son Tyler took these photos of her. I think my favorite picture is the last one.

Sheba sitting outside of the Bass Pro Shop on a rock with a deer antler statue behind her.

Another photo of Sheba sitting outside the Bass Pro Shop on a rock. My favorite picture of the day.  A close up of Sheba outside the Bass Pro Shop.

Considering that she is not my dog, I sure do love her a lot!


  1. WOW, you guys had quite an adventure. A man at my church retired his GEB GSD Sheba last year. Was a good dog. Looks like Sheba will be fill Sheba's paws well!

  2. Yes, I think you are right. Sheba has come such a long way from when she was a puppy. I am so proud of this little girl!

  3. That looks like such a good place for training! What a great outing. Sheba is so beautiful, that last picture is amazing.

    Sometimes Don will run away when I bring out the leash and jacket, but he doesn't hide in his crate. I'm not sure why he runs away, but I think it is probably because I sometimes put his gentle leader on after his jacket. Once we get out of the house though, he's ready to go.

  4. Ya, it was the same thing with Sheba. As soon as we were out the door, she was fine. But I did have to drag her out of the crate! All of my pups have gotten really excited when they see the leash and the puppy coat. It is like they couldn't wait to get it on. So this was totally new to me. I don't use a gentle leader with my pups, so maybe that has something to do with why they are so happy to work. Plus, I do make everything a game so they enjoy the learning and training process. But this thing with Sheba has me a liitle concerned. We'll see how she does today :)

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