Saturday, May 22, 2010

A LONG day in San Francisco

Reyna sitting out front of Tommys Joint in SF.

Two weekends ago, we took Reyna into San Francisco for the day, We took BART to the Civic station and walked to “Tommy’s Joint” for lunch. There was a line out the door, but it was good practice for Reyna. Reyna fell asleep under the table while we had lunch. After lunch we walked from Vaness St. down to Fisherman's Warf, Yes, it was a LOOOONG walk. But it was walk full of wonderful socialization experiences for Reyna.

Reyna sound asleep under the table at lunch.

Reyna walked with confidence and she was not distracted by the noise of the city. She calmly crossed busy streets.

Reyna and Tony crossing Van Ness St.  Reyna is walking nicely on a loose leash.

Reyna crossing the street in SF.

Reyna also waited very nicely at street corners while we waited for traffic to clear. Here she sit comfortably on a man hole cover. It doesn’t bother her in the least.

Reyna comfortably sits on a man hole cover while she waits to cross the street.

We also had many opportunities to work on bird distraction. In the picture below Reyna walks by a bird as it flies away. The bird is circled in red on the right side of the photo. It sort of blends into the background.

Reyna does her best to walk by a bird that is flying in the air very close to her.

Reyna sits on the sidewalk and calmly watches several birds who are walking towards her.

After a few minutes of watching the birds, Reyna was able to completely ignore the birds. She got so good at ignoring the birds that at one point, a bird came flying right at her at eye level and the bird nearly landed on her head!

Reyna stands in perfect position at a street corner while she patiently waits to cross the street.

During our walk, we also had many opportunities for Reyna to face the dreaded “silver” surfaces. As a puppy, she refused to go over these surfaces. We stopped working these surfaces for awhile, then I carefully re-introduced the surface to her. Now she walks over them like they never bothered her. What a good girl!

Reyna cruises right over a shiny, silver surface like she never had an issue with them.  Good girl!

And then there were noises. Lots of them. As a puppy, Reyna had some noise sensitivity, so it was great to see her not react at all to the loud motorcycles. There was also a fire engine that past us and it was blowing its horn and Reyna could care less. She just kept walking down the street!

Photo of a loud motorcycle on the streets of SF.

Photo of the fire engine that passed by Reyna blowing its horn.

Below was Reyna’s reaction (or lack of a reaction) to the loud, passing fire engine! Go Reyna!

Reyna calmly walking down the street as the loud fire engine passes her.

We finally made it down to Fisherman’s Wharf, and there were plenty of crowds for Reyna to experience. She walked right through the crowds without trying to introduce herself to everyone who walked by her. That was a HUGE improvement for my social little puppy! In fact, that was the most significant improvement for Reyna, and it shows me that she is finally started to mature and she is mastering her impulse control! Wooooo Hooooo! I was so proud she wasn’t going up to everyone saying “Hi, my name is Reyna, what’s yours?”

Reyna walking in the crowds at Fisherman's Warf.

Reyna walking at Pier 39 with lots of people around her.  She is ignoring them...yay!

Reyna experienced a cable car, and below is a photo of her next to the cable car.

A cute picture of Reyna sitting in front of a cable car.

This is Reyna sitting in front of the Hard Rock Cafe. It was hot at this point, and you can tell by the fact that Reyna is panting in this picture. Poor girl, she was thirsty after all of that walking!

A hot Reyna sitting in front of the Hard Rock Cafe.  She is panting and her pink toungue is hanging out of her mouth.

Reyna finally got a drink of water. I still can’t believe I paid three dollars for a small bottle of water and I gave it all to Reyna. Yup, I sure love this little pup!

Reyna drinking ice cold bottled water from a cup.  Her nose is completely inside the cup. Reyna sitting very tall and proud in front of the Ferry building in SF.

After a LONG day, we finally made it to the Embarcadero BART station. It was almost a seven hour day in the city and the best thing was that Reyna didn’t need to relieve until we got back home. Now THAT was an accomplishment!

Reyna laying down at the Embarcadero station waiting for the BART train.  Finally on our way home after a long day!


  1. It looks like Reyna had a wonderful time in the city! :) I know I would be proud of how far she has come. Way to go Reyna!

  2. What an amazing pup! She looks like she is doing really well with all the city sights and sounds. Way to go!! Today, our puppy club went into the city. I would've liked to take Don on Bart, but we didn't have much time. There's always next time, though. The walk from Vaness to Fisherman's Wharf looks like it has many great exposures for the dogs. This summer I will have to do that with Don.

    Nice photos. Reyna is so beautiful.