Friday, May 28, 2010

Reyna rides a ferry!

A close up of Reyna's face as she waits to get off of the Ferry.

Tony with Reyna waiting to get on the Ferry with some other puppy raisers in our club.

Recently, our puppy club took a trip into San Francisco. We rode the ferry over from Oakland. My club has done this outing every year, but every time they have gone, my pup has been too young to go. I was excited to give Reyna another public transportation experience. There were several different surfaces we had to walk over before boarding the ferry. There were several silver metal surfaces that would have freaked Reyna out when she was a puppy. But now that she is older and more confident she just walked right over them without any hesitation!

Tony and Reyna boarding the Ferry in Oakland.

One of my puppy leaders actually did a post on the GDB blog about our outing. Click here to read the post. (On the blog, there is a photo of me and Reyna and two other puppy raising friends walking at Fisherman’s Wharf.) Reyna fell asleep on the Ferry on the way over to the city. Once we got to Pier 41, there was a long wait to get off of the Ferry. While we were waiting to get off, Reyna was allowed to greet a little girl who was really interested in her. Reyna did well and stayed in a sit and did not lick the little girl. Now that is an accomplishment!

Reyna just after she made friends with a little girl on the Ferry.

We ended up at the beach and we decided to let the pups experience the sand. Well…….Reyna went crazy when she felt the sand squeeze between her toes. She was running in circles around me and flipping all over the place. I really worked on getting her to actually “walk” on the sand. So we inched along the shoreline, step by step, and I was moderately successful at getting Reyna to calm down. The photo below was taken after I had really been working with Reyna. She looks like she is really calm in this photo, but believe me, she went wild!

Reyna and I slowly walking on the beach together.

After we left the beach, a few of us went to Starbuck’s for some coffee. Below is a photo of Reyna and I with a couple of other raisers. Yes, we are multi-talented puppy raisers. Coffee in one hand, and a guide dog puppy in training on a loose leashes in the other!

Lynn and Adonis, Reyna and I and Marikay and Delhi walking at Fisherman's Wharf.

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