Thursday, June 17, 2010

A post from Judi!

Reyna on the Pier in a sit, looking up at the camera.

A few weeks ago, I took Reyna to San Francisco. We went to Pier 39 first and it was so crowded it was hard to maneuver. Reyna got a little stressed with all the people walking so close to her, but she never stopped walking. Once we got out by the sea lions she could hear them but couldn't see them. They were barking and she didn't know where it was coming from, plus there was a really large boat warming up its engine to take off. When we finally got close, she was a little reluctant because of all the different noises and people crushed around, but once she could see things and put a visual to the noises she was just fine. We kept praising her and telling her how good she was doing. She really enjoyed watching the sea lions!

James and Reyna looking over the edge of the pier at the Sea Lions.

Reyna and James looking down at the Sea Lions from the Pier.

We then walked out by the water and we just stood there and enjoyed the view and let her relax. We then walked back on to the pier and she stood next to the big merry go round while Mia and Darcie rode on it. She was great.

James and Reyna standing in front of the Merry-go-round!

But this is really interesting, she would refuse to get ahead of Mia in her stroller, it was almost like she was protecting her. If we got behind or ahead she would speed up or just wait for Darcie to catch up. Reyna was always touching Mia with her nose just to make sure she was okay. We had lunch and she was great...and then went to the Aquarium. It was soooo crowded but she was just wonderful! She was so relaxed and she just laid down and looked up at the fish.

James and Reyna in the Aquarium standing in front of a tank of fish.

Judi at the Aqurium showing Reyna the fish.

On the last level there were touching exhibits. James was walking her from place to place and I made a trip to the restroom because he wanted to keep her. On my way literally fighting my way through the gift shop, I almost tripped over a working guide. I touched his arm and said hello, but he was very shy Indian man. He was there with his family and he said he had his guide for about two years. I think he said her name was Evelyn. By the time we got back with Reyna, he was gone. I looked outside but couldn't find them. Anyway, we went on down to Fisherman's Wharf and a stop to look at the submarine and liberty ship.

James and Reyna look out at the water from the Pier.

After that we started heading back to the car. Over all, most people were respectful of her working and just looked, but other people did not understand. One Chinese man would not stop "clicking' his tongue at her while we were eating, even though I told his English speaking daughter she was a working dog. Anyway, Reyna was a very pooped puppy last night. Oh and we had no relieving or surface issues :) We wanted to get on the streetcar but they were so jammed I thought it would be a very bad experience for her, so maybe something to be done on a weekday. All in all I think our trip was a huge success!

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