Monday, June 21, 2010

Reyna makes new friends!

My niece Sara and Reyna in the dugout together at the softball game.

My niece, Sara’s softball team was in the championships, so we went to Napa to go watch her game. I also thought it would be a good experience for Reyna, since she has never been to a softball game. It was really hot that day, and there was little shade, but Reyna made herself comfortable by a complete stranger!!

Reyna snuggled up to her new friend she met at the game.  Reyna is sitting as close as she can to the womans chair, the the lady has her arm around Reyna.

Believe it or not, Reyna has never meet the person in this picture with her. But Reyna quickly made friends with her, and wormed her way right into this woman’s heart. After a while, Reyna laid down next to this woman and she was the happiest dog in the world. Look at the grin on her face in the picture below. She is sure a happy dog!

Reyna laying down on the ground at the softball game.  She is looking up at the camera with a HUGE smile on her face.

Sara’s team won their first game, so we wanted to stay for the second game, which was the championship game. There was about 30 minutes between games, so we went over to see Sara, and Reyna went into the dugout and made friends with the entire softball team!

Sara is holding Reyna in the dugout while Reyna meets two of Sara's teamates.

Two of Sara's teamates gentle pet Reyna on her face.

Reyna was great and she allowed all of girls to pet her. I think Reyna thought she had died and went to heaven. She got so much attention from all of the girls. Reyna was good about letting everyone greet her, and she didn’t jump on anyone. She was also good because she didn’t lick anyone who was petting her. Reyna kind of just laid there and soaked up the love!

Reyna is laying on the ground as three teamates pet Reyna.  One of the girls has her hand over Reyna's nose, and Reyna is not licking her.  Good girl, Reyna!

Sara, Reyna and one of Sara's teamates. Reyna is resting her head in one of Sara's teamates lap.

The girl who Reyna is resting her head on told me she wants to be a Veterinarian. Reyna must of been able to tell she really loved dogs, because she wouldn’t take her head out of this girls lap. Of course, the girl was just loving it, and above is a photo of my niece Sara, with the girl and Reyna. Look at how content Reyna’s face is.

Sara holding Reyna in the dugout while they visit with some friends.

I really like these next few pictures. You can tell how much Reyna and Sara love each other. What sweet interactions!

A very sweet picture of Sara giving Reyna a hug and a kiss.

Reyna rolled on her back while Sara and Reyna are face to face with each other.

Reyna and Sara sitting in the dugout together.

Amongst all of the fun, we did have an opportunity to work on some food avoidance training. In the photo below, Reyna demonstrates self restraint as Sara eats a pretzel in front of her. The funny thing is that Sara dropped this pretzel on the ground and salt went flying everywhere and the pretzel landed right on Reyna’s head! I am sure you are wondering if Reyna devoured the pretzel. Well, I am happy to report that she did not! When it happened, she looked up at me like “Oh Mom, what do I do now?” I told her what a good girl she was, and she just sat there starting at what was left of the pretzel.

Reyna in a sit starring at Sara's pretzel.

The great news is that Sara’s team won the championship game, and below is a photo of Reyna and Sara with her trophy. Look at the smile on Reyna’s face!

After the game, Sara and Reyna together as Sara holds up her trophy and Reyna is grinning from ear to ear!

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