Friday, November 5, 2010

Reyna’s Progress!

Reyna when she was a puppy sitting on the deck with her stainless steel bowl in her mouth telling us she thinks it's time to eat!

11/4/2010 – Reyna – Phase 7!!

Woooo Hooo! Only one more phase to go. These last couple of phases make me really nervous because I have heard of several dogs who were dropped in phase 8 recently! You never now how things are going to work out. So it is basically just a waiting game at this point. If she does make it to graduation, I will be taking a trip to Oregon! That seems so strange being from California. I am so used to the San Rafael campus. It will be neat to see the Oregon campus, at least it will be something new and different. I know a few puppy raisers who are interested in going to Oregon if that happens. Glenda and Wendy definitely want to go with us because Glenda became so close to Reyna while I was raising her. I shouldn’t peek around the corner, and I know I just need to wait to see what happens Smile


  1. Yay! Congratulations on her great progress. Hope all continues to go well. Be sure to keep us posted on her! She sounds like a great dog thanks to you.

  2. I live in the Portland area, so I'll be watching to see when Reyna makes a class so I can come to her graduation.

  3. Martha,

    That would be so cool! I'll be keeping everyone posted on Reyna's progress here :)

  4. Thanks Megan! I did work really hard to give Reyna what she needed to make it as a guide dog. I will keep you posted. I hope you and Pasta are doing well :)

  5. Didn't there used to be ten phases? Confused one.

    Go Reyna!!!!!

  6. Ro,

    Yes, there used to be ten phases, but they changed all of that recently and now there are only eight phases. Well, they added phase zero, so I guess techincally there are nine phases. They made the change to more accurately match the eight week training cycle. So Reyna is almost there :)