Monday, November 8, 2010

Home Depot Shopping

Vienna standing next to Tony on the lighting department at Home Depot.

Today we took Vienna out for a little shopping at Home Depot.  She has been just resting over the past week because she had to have surgery about a week ago.  She is doing fine, and I am starting to do some socializing with her again.  Of course, she did great and she was happy, calm and confident.  She is really such an angel and she is so easy to take along.  We walked over several different surfaces, met a few people and ignored others.  I think she was just happy to get out of the house and do something.  We worked on walking nicely on leash, which she did perfectly.  Vienna is just a really cool dog!  I am so lucky to be raising her Smile

Vienna walking nicely next to Tony at Home Depot.


  1. What did she have surgery for?? We get Vona back from a puppysitter today so we can really get to know her!
    Kim, CC Claudine, doug-phase 0 and PIT vona!

  2. She ate part of a toy and it caused an obstruction in her stomach. I was in Las Vegas when I got the call from my co-raiser that Vienna was going into surgey. Poor girl she is so little to have had to go through this, but you would never know she had a problem now.