Monday, April 12, 2010

Which dog is the guide dog?

Reyna and Wendy are laying on a dog bed together.  Wendy's head is up and her mouth is wide open with a toy in her mouth.  Reyna is quietly laying beside Wendy without a toy.

Can you guess which dog is the Guide Dog in the picture above? Wendy and Glenda came over the other day. Reyna and Wendy played together and just hung out together while I visited with Glenda. Wendy was really happy to be at my house. In fact, based on their behavior you would have thought Reyna was the guide dog and Wendy was the pup in training! You should have seen Wendy as she looked at me as she ran like crazy around my house. She looked at me as if to say “Ha ha ha, you aren’t the boss of me anymore and I can run around like a nut if I want too!”

Wendy racing through the house.  She has a crazy look on her face and her ears are flopping in the air and her tail is straight up.

Well, she was right! And she got to run like crazy. She was running so fast through my house that she ran underneath my dinning table and she moved the table about three feet! Glenda and I were laughing because the look on her face was like “Yes, finally I am breaking all of the rules!” On the other hand, take a look at my little angel Reyna.

Wendy and Reyna laying on a dog bed together.  Reyna is laying there with an angelic look on her face.  Wendy is very intently chewing a bone.

Wendy is on a dog bed chewing a sterile bone.  Reyna has her head next to Wendy and she is in a down being a good girl.

Wendy chewing the bone again and Reyna laying there patiently waiting her turn.

Glenda petting Reyna and Reyna has a huge smile on her face.

Wendy sitting in harness and Reyna is in the back ground in a down with her puppy coat on.  We were getting ready to bring Glenda back to BART.

Pretty much Wendy went a little crazy playing with all of her old toys and breaking all of the rules. Reyna, on the other hand managed to maintain her composure and was a good guide pup in training! She was really such an angel :)


  1. Ha ha! That's awesome. I guess it takes all kinds of dogs to do guide work. It's nice that Wendy was able to cut loose and enjoy herself and that Reyna didn't mind. Both personalities have their perks. Wendy is such a pretty golden color.

  2. You know the funny part is that Wendy was never like that with me. But now she has a new Mom with new rules and she is really liking it much better then when she was at my house. Glenda loves it and just lets her be a happy dog, so it works for both of them. But boy is it funny to see the difference in her :)